3 Methods to Ensure the Longevity of Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are an important part of many operations. Without them, where would you put all your stuff? As simple as that sounds, it’s quite an honest observation given the simple necessity of storing various materials in manufacturing, construction, farming, and more. If you want to show your tanks a little appreciate and get the most out of them over their lifetime, here are three methods to ensure the longevity of your storage tanks.

1. Cleaning

This shouldn’t be the first time you’re being told to clean your tanks. If it is, though, clean your tanks already. No matter what you’re storing in there, they need to be emptied out and sanitized at least annually in order to keep the spread of pathogens at bay and prevent the buildup of grime that could damage their integrity. Make sure you’re cleaning them in ways that are safe for the type of material your tank is made from, too.

2. Lining Repair

If you have a tank with a rubber lining, it’s a good idea to repair damage or wear when you spot it even if it’s minor. Minor damage quickly becomes major damage when left to its own devices, so ignoring it while you’re already working in your tanks would just be foolish. This goes double for things like rubber lined pipes.

3. Polishing

While it might not seem too important initially, polishing a tank made from a shiny or metallic material that sits outside all the time is actually crucial in maintaining both the tank and what’s inside. The shinier a tank, the more sunlight it reflects and the less it heats up. That means less evaporation of liquids stored inside. Plus, removing dirt and grime from the outside of tanks makes them less likely to corrode over time and keeps them looking nice.

Storage tanks need care just like any other piece of equipment, so don’t slouch. Practice these three habits to ensure they stay in working order for a long time.

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