3 Techs You May Have Never Heard Of

Technology has evolved far enough now that we can perform what would be considered miracles not one hundred years ago. Because of the dizzying array of new developments, it can be hard to keep up with everything maturing. Some technology may be currently in play, or coming soon, and people might not have even seen them in the news.

DNA Microarray

This is a great piece of technology we use to study our genes, and how they behave. The DNA pieces used (picomoles sized) are so small, they have to be studied with powerful software built specifically for those image types, such as Mapix software.

When we look at our gene expressions, we can determine whether there are mutations in the system. These often lead to diseases, so the discovery could lead to better uses for medicine.

4D Printing

People talk about 3d printing all the time. We even have 3d printers available for sale, under $200 if you want a small one. However, 4D printing may surpass it when it becomes available. This tech would introduce a fourth element to the creation process: time. With time added, you could ask what you print to adopt a behavior past when it was first created. For example, you could ask it to grow, curl up, or stretch out flat.

Smart Dust

Ever thought of air that could think for itself? Smart dust would be tiny particles in the air, like dust, that would gather data and transfer it wirelessly to a synced computer hub. The applications of where dust could go widens the explorable parts of our world. The only downside to these would be the clean-up. If the computer parts are microscopic, how would we retrieve them?

All this new tech could once again change the world. Which one of these are you the most excited for?

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