4 Interesting Games You Can Play During Home Parties

Most people enjoy hosting parties at home. Parties and gatherings mean lots or friends and dear ones at your place, all having fun. Most parties are called either to celebrate an occasion or simply to meet your near and dear ones. No party is really complete without a round of interesting games. Those are moments when you get to be kids again and battle to victory simply by playing. If you wish to organise some such party in the near future, here are some interesting games that you can play during these house parties and keep your guests amused:

Indian Rummy

Who can refuse a round of Indian Rummy in a house party? The answer is no one. When people gather, they enjoy sitting across tables and playing challenging game of cards. Rummy is sure one of the popular entertainments in India and can be witnessed in most household parties. The game is challenging and enjoyable at the same time. That is the reason why the game suits people of all ages and types.


This is yet another fun game that most people enjoy during house parties. It is popular mainly because a large number of people, infact all of those present in the party, can play the game. This means the entire gang is involved adding to the fun factor even more. Moreover, the game involves a luck factor and everyone stands a chance of winning some money.


People who enjoy singing and dancing will opt for this game. In this game, each player has to sing a song from the last alphabet of the song sung by the previous player. This can either be played between all the individuals at a party or between two teams comprising of half of the members in each team.

You may even try variations of the game where, when one team sings the song, the other team dances to the tune. The other possible variation is where you play chain antakshari, where instead of an alphabet, you actually pick a word from the previous song to sing a new song. Sine most people enjoy movies and songs, this is surely a good game choice for such parties and occasions.

Dumb Charades

This is one of the most popular choices of games for parties and get togethers. In this, the person is given a movie name to act on. Acting should be mute. The time frame given to the player to enact the movie name is also limited. The game requires you to have a good knowledge of movie names. This is again a good game because most of the players are involved.

Whether you select a game of classic rummy or Antakshari, always keep the type of guests in mind. You need to understand whether the guests you have invited will enjoy the selected game or not. This plays an important role in deciding how the party goes.

Before starting the party, you may guide the people present as to how to play rummy or any other selected game. Clear all doubts and then start off with the fun session. A good party organiser always allows the guest to ask questions and clear doubts that maybe present.

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