Asus’ Windows Mixed Reality headset weighs only 400 gram & has an unusual design

Asus' Windows Mixed Reality headset weighs only 400 gram & has an unusual design

aiwanese major Asus, on Tuesday at IFA 2017, announced that its Windows Mixed Reality headset will cost buyers 449 Euros which roughly translates into Rs 34,286. Not only is Asus’ take on Windows Mixed Reality relatively more mainstream – compared to rivals – it has also be designed for comfort and extended usage. The Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset — that will ship with controllers in the box – weighs only 400 gram and a balanced crown design that ensures an even distribution of weight on the forehead, to reduce pressure on the nose and face. In layman’s terms, users will be able to wear it for long periods of time, according to Asus.

Asus’ new Windows Mixed Reality comes with an unusual design – that Asus calls as 3D polygon pattern design – wherein the visor is covered in hundreds of polygons. The inside is, meanwhile, coated with antibacterial and quick drying materials to keep things hygienic. The headset also comes with a 90-degree flippable design so users can get in and out of mixed reality, by simply flipping the device rather than taking it all off.

Like other Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Asus’ solution also uses inside-out tracking via two built-in front-facing cameras. The duo, when combined, offer six-degrees-of-freedom positional tracking. The headset, according to Asus, boasts of an easy 10 minute initial set up – since it does not require any external sensors or additional software — and 3K resolution. It’s essentially a plug and play solution that is up and running in a jiffy, if the company’s claims are to be gone by.

Asus’ new Mixed Reality headset is based on Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality concept, something that the Redmond major is pushing in a major way. Microsoft has companies like Dell and Lenovo who are also investing in the concept. Asus, at its IFA showcase, also touted that the platform now has over 20,000 supported apps across the board which is crucial if Mixed Reality is to sustain in the longer run.

Contrary to reports, Asus did not have a ZenWatch upgrade this year at IFA. Instead, the company unveiled a 799 Euros Asus ZenBook Flip 14 and an 899 Euros Asus ZenBook Flip 15 with dedicated graphics, as also a 399 Euros VivoBook Flip 14.


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