Best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases: 11 best cases to protect Galaxy S7

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If you’re wondering whether you can use a Galaxy S6 case with the Galaxy S7 then in most cases the answer will be no. The new Galaxy S7 is fatter than the Galaxy S6 (7.9mm vs 6.8mm) and a little shorter and narrower (142.4×69.6mm vs 143.4×70.5mm). It may be possible with a few select cases, but the vast majority of Galaxy S6 cases will not do an adequate job of protecting your Galaxy S7.

Fear not, though, we’ve rounded up some of the best Galaxy S7 cases you can buy right now.

Olixar FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S7 case

We’re a big fan of Olixar’s FlexiShield range of non-slip gel cases, sold via Mobile Fun. They won’t hurt your bank balance, at just £5.99, and they won’t detract from your phone’s unique style – after all, you chose it because you liked the look of it, right?

An ultra-slim design adds little bulk to the Galaxy S7, so it’ll slip into a pocket just as easily as ever. And as you’d expect you’ll still be able to access all the important ports and connections, so you never need take off the case (and if you do, it’s soft shell makes doing so easy).

The FlexiShield for Galaxy S7 is available in White, Black, Blue or Purple

Buy the Olixar FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S7 case from Mobile Fun.


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