Facebook brings Live broadcasts to Android, starting in the U.S.


Facebook has announced that the company is planning to roll out its Live broadcasting platform on Android in the U.S. Starting next week, those with Facebook installed on their smartphone will be able to stream live video to your friends. Just in case the social network hadn’t fully integrated itself into your daily activities already, you can now stream absolutely everything as well.

The roll out will commence in the U.S. initially with new markets being added over time to bring Android up to speed with the 30 countriessupported on iOS. But how exactly does one start broadcasting on Facebook? Simply hit “What’s on your mind?” at the top of your News Feed and choose the Live Video icon.

This will then allow you to whip up a short description and select the audience before going live on air. Number of viewers, names of friends who tune in, as well as a real-time stream of comments will be available as you broadcast. Once you’re finished, the video will be saved on your Timeline for those who missed the broadcast.

As noted already, this roll out will start next week. Stay tuned for updates as to when Facebook rolls out Live video in new markets on Android.



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