Fashion designers share their home decor tips

Our favourite fashion designers have ventured beyond our sartorial needs. These names are no more restricted to hanging pretty in the wardrobe. We find out how they have turned into home décor brands everyone would want to reckon with.

They have always ensured our wardrobes are up-to-date and fresh with new garbs. And now they are making waves into the home décor segment ensuring that our abodes look fresh and new. Meet the old yet new designers of home décor and furnishings, who are leaving no stone unturned in helping us make a mark with the natural extension of our identity – our homes. In other words, these designer labels are also making a living by creating exclusive home decor!


Rocky S
Every month welcomes on board a celebrated fashion designer as guest editor to present one signature and exclusive piece. December’s guest editor was designer Rocky S. Owing to his signature style of luxury and opulence, collaborated with him to offer two rich and coveted cushion covers in the most party-friendly month of the year! Inspired by the Middle Eastern motifs and colours, these signature print cushion covers combine Rocky S’ love for rich patterns and tones seamlessly. This party season, make these accents the final touch to your couch! Bathed in stark tones of black, oxblood, ochre, and emerald green, these cushions are the perfect dramatic touch you can give your couches this party season. “Drawing inspiration from the well of Middle Eastern influences, my signature print cushion covers is your couch’s new festive uniform. The key motifs, hues, and intricate designs play muse to the most party-hearty season of the month!” says Rocky S. The designer believes what cushions are to decorating, handbags are to fashion. Designer’s items are available exclusively on the online portal.



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