Fitbit heart tracker shows exact moment man was dumped by his boyfriend

DID you know there is a hidden function on Fitbit that tracks the moment someone breaks your heart in two?

This is what Israel-based co-founder of start-up Guesty, Koby Soto, discovered when his boyfriend recently broke up with him.

Mr Soto was wearing his Fitbit Charge HR — a device used to track workout routines, heart rate and sleeping patterns — when the fateful event occurred.

It wasn’t until he went to check the data recorded by his wearable that he discovered the anomaly.

When examining that data, Mr Soto realised his heart rate had jumped from its usual 72 beats per minute and rose to 88bmp as the events transpired over a telephone call.

His heart rate stayed up for the rest of the day, even reaching a peak of 118 bpm.

However, the tragic events were not enough to keep him from posting the findings on Twitter.

“I’m a geek myself, having [written code] for a decade and founding my own start-up so I like logging and tracking anything I can,” he toldBusiness Insider.

“I absolutely don’t think it is intrusive. I chose to wear it and I found it interesting enough to share.”

In hindsight Mr Soto said he believes the data is somewhat beneficial.

“I feel like it’s nice to have a log of your confirmation of what you felt,” he toldBuzzfeed.

“You can tell people you have heartbreak and you feel bad.

“People become less cynical once you show them the numbers or once you show the data or graphs. Everyone understands heartbreak, right? Everyone’s felt it. When you have this, it’s interesting — you have something to show.”

The device in question.
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