Former Windows, Office exec Julie Larson-Green leaves Microsoft

Veteran Microsoft exec Julie Larson-Green is leaving the tech giant to explore new opportunities. During her almost 25-year stint at the company, Larson-Green really did see it all, making her way from Windows software to Xbox and Surface hardware. After returning to work on Office in recent years, the senior software engineer took leave to recover from spinal cord surgery six months ago. While out, she spent time advising other firms. “It made me realize I was ready to take what I learned at Microsoft and apply it in other places,” she said in a statement.

Larson-Green left her imprint on Microsoft’s software by leading the redesign of Windows 8, which didn’t go down well with some users. The long-serving exec is also responsible for bringing the ribbon to Office. Upon Steven Sinofsky’s departure in 2012, she was charged with overseeing all Windows software and hardware.

Microsoft said that Office SharePoint and OneDrive lead Jeff Teper has been handling Larson-Green’s duties since she went on leave.


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