Fuel Your Income By Owning a Gas Station

Find the Right Site 

You’ve got the business plan in place and are ready to establish yourself as a gas station owner. Choosing a convenient location for the station is the next order of business. Be sure to check local zoning laws when you find a couple of suitable sites. It would also be a good idea to scope out the surrounding areas and see what kind of competition exists. Commissioning a study of the demand that’s out there for your chosen areas will also arm you with statistics that can help you decide where to build.

Hire the Right Contractor 

There is a multitude of moving parts that go into gas station construction. Hiring the right contractor will take the weight off of your shoulders and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of starting the business. The right contractor will be knowledgeable about local ordinances and laws that govern size, area and materials to be used during construction. A contractor can also work with you to choose which type of underground fuel reservoirs to order. They are designed to last approximately twenty years but don’t skimp when it comes to quality. Replacement costs for faulty tanks can run up to $100,000. Great quality fuel pumps are also a must. Seek out those that have a good reputation for maintaining calibration.

Decide What to Sell 

Gasoline will more than likely be the main draw to your station, but the profit margin from gas alone is a bit small. Consider adding small propane tanks to your budding inventory. They will provide a steady stream of revenue in all seasons. The addition of a one-stall car wash can also provide extra income. Take advantage when customers enter the store and give them the option to purchase hot or cold drinks for the road along with snacks and reading material. A well thought out business plan in combination with solid construction can produce income for years to come.

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