Hawk Eye helps track lost mobiles

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad City Police’s mobile application, Hawk Eye, which already has almost nine lakh registered users, is now turning out to be a blessing for many who lost their mobile phones.

The app, which enables registered users to report the loss of their mobile phones, helped the IT team at the office of the City Police Commissioner track down 24 lost mobile phones using the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

According to the police, based on complaints and information given by users of Hawk Eye, the IT core team was successful in recovering 24 mobile phones, worth Rs 2 lakh. City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar handed over them to their owners here on Saturday.

The owners had lodged complaints with the police after they lost their phones, along with the IMEI numbers. The phones were recovered after other users used Hawk Eye to report with the IMEI number that they had got the lost phones with them.

The app has the facility to crosscheck the IMEI number of a mobile, particularly in the event of purchasing a second-hand mobile phone, and enables the user to know whether the phone is a stolen one. What one has to do is to go to the Vehicle and Mobile Search link and enter the IMEI number. The app lets us know whether the phone is stolen or lost, and if it is, the app enables the user to inform the police, who can then trace the owner and return it.

The Hawk Eye, apart from this, also has the much talked about SOS button for women and the ‘Women Travel Made Safe’ facilities.

Whenever a woman boards a vehicle, taxi, cab, auto, bus, or train can click a photograph or video of vehicle before boarding, note down the vehicle number, place of boarding and send it online to police. Even during the travel,  if any problem is faced, the same can be done, so that the police can help them in case of any untoward incident. The SOS button is useful to alert the police in case of emergencies.


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