Here Are The Windows 10 For Phones Hardware Requirements

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No better time to list out the Windows 10 for Phones hardware requirements than now, and Microsoft have done just that at their WinHec event in China.

This follows the confirmation regarding when the new mobile OS will launch.

Hint, it’s in the summer, alongside the PC version of Windows 10.

Anyway, in a slide presentation during the event, the software titan revealed what it calls the hardware requirements of “Windows Mobile” — which, no doubt, is another name for Windows 10 for Phones. And they are not radically different from those of the current Windows Phone 8.1.

With a few changes, here and there, of course.

Windows 10 For Phones Hardware Requirements

First up is the evidence that 512MB of RAM will be the absolute minimum requirement in terms of memory. This is exactly the same amount needed to run Windows Phone 8.1.

And when it comes to the minimum storage space, Windows 10 demands at least 4GB of space on phones, though a microSD card would then be required to download and install the updates. Good thing, as there are a lot of Windows phones that come with only 8GB of space built in.

Display size, then?

Screens between 3 and 7.99 inches, which could be an indication that Windows 10 for Phones may power a few small tablets here and there. Potentially speaking, that is.

At the very least, it replaces Windows RT totally and completely.

And finally there are some restrictions in terms of resolution, and these depend upon the amount of RAM a device has. Handsets with 512MB or RAM will be limited to 800 x 480 pixels, while flagships that pack 4GB of RAM can go all the way up to 2560 x 2048 pixels.

Expect plenty of new devices to sport these hardware specifications once Windows 10 for Phones launches later this summer.

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