Hyper Light Drifter is now available for pre-purchase on GOG

Hyper Light Drifter new header

Hyper Light Drifter was funded to the tune of $645,000 back in 2013, back when Kickstarter was a cool new thing that barely anyone was sceptical of. Since then I’ve checked my email every morning for a note confirming its release date, which we got (in a fashion) last year when a “spring” window was announced (autumn in Australia). Well, that season is fast approaching, and so too is Hyper Light Drifter apparently, because it’s now up for pre-purchase on GOG.

That means it’s coming really soon, right? No idea, to be honest – there have been no official announcements made since the launch window was confirmed last year.  Still, the studio did seem pretty certain.

“Release dates are a sensitive subject, and our attitude has been to take the time we need to do this right,” a spokesperson wrote last year. “Though we have hinted at estimated dates before, we are thrilled to finally come to you in certainty with our official release window!”


[SOURCE:- pcgamer]

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