IBM sees clients build technology internally

The IBM company logo is pictured during the Viva Tech start-up and technology summit in Paris, France, May 25, 2018. REUTERS/Charles PlatiauIBM is increasingly seeing clients build their own skills internally and then partnering with technology companies to build solutions, as they adapt to changing technologies, a senior executive told ET.In the past, companies would simply outsource the IT work to technology companies like IBM and Indian IT players. But as digital technologies begin to upend business models, companies want more control over what was previously considered ‘non-core’. IBM said the new paradigm was an opportunity.

“In 2018, what we are finding is more and more companies want to find their own capabilities –with data scientists and architects to be better equipped to work with us to build out these solutions. In some cases, they might want to use their skills with our technology to build this up themselves. We think that is a great opportunity for all of us,” said Joseph Bellisimo, general manager, Cognitive Process Transformation, Global Business Services, IBM.

Bellisimo said IBM is dealing with the new trend by building platforms with APIs(application programming interfaces) that would allow even standalone developers to work with the company. “We want to provide that so that we are a destination for people to come to, whether you are developers, a small company, a large company,” he


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