Importance of Learning Geometrical Shapes

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In your day to day life, you must have come across many shapes and figures, which you are able to name it as well. This has been made possible with the help of Mathematics. In Maths, we learn about all geometrical shapes, which helps us to recognize the shapes of the object. The basic shapes are the points, lines, angles, curves, etc. But the important shapes are categorized based on dimensions such as two-dimension and three-dimension. Also, there are some conic sections, like an ellipse, which has their own significance.

In Two-dimension, the shapes are mapped in the XY plane. For example, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, etc. are all having 2-D geometry. The real-life examples of these shapes are- the agricultural plot in a circular shape, a rectangular bed with length and breadth, triangular-shaped pyramids, etc. The dimensions for all these figures are distributed in x-axis and y-axis only.

In Three-dimensional geometry, we will learn about 3-D shapes which are distributed in the XYZ plane. These shapes have one extra dimension in z-axis apart from x-axis and y-axis. Basically, the z-axis determines the height of the shape. Sphere, cube, cuboid, etc. are examples of 3-D shapes. The shape of the Earth is the biggest example of a sphere. Also, the puzzled Rubix cube is an example of a cube shape, which many children find interesting to solve.

Geometry has many applications as well in real life. The word geometry is a Greek word, where ‘geo’ means earth and ‘metry’ means measurement. So, here we deal with the measurement of different types of shapes and figures. And all these shapes have their individual properties and importance.

In the field of architecture, geometrical shapes are used widely. Even there are certain geometrical tools, which are used for the construction of buildings or bridges, such as protectors, dividers, ruler, measuring tapes, etc. In the field of automobiles, the shape of the parabola is used to make the headlights of the vehicles, so that they can give a focussed beam of light while driving.

In the same way, geometry is used in the field of technology, gaming, astronomy, arts and also for domestic purposes. This is why it is important to learn about geometrical shapes.

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