Internet of Things Podcast: Latest deals, IoT networks and more

A lot happened in the Internet of Things world over the past week, and Internet of Things Podcast hosts Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel bring you up to speed in this week’s Internet of Things Podcast. Is popping RFID tags into employees that bad? How should you think about Roomba being able to sell data from your home? Also, funding news for August, the death of a smart home startup and the acquisition of Arraynet by Prodea, a company trying to build smarts for service providers and enterprises. Stacey reviews the Amazon Dash Wand , Elon Musk’s boring elevator, an ARM paper and a discussion of the new Industrial Internet Consortium’s new dictionary .

Then, Stacey interviews Alex Khorram, GM of MachineQ at Comcast about LoRA networks: what they are good for, how they might be built and what providers are doing with the technology.


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