The latest internet challenge takes a tragic turn

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Internet challenge creators are coming up with more dangerous ideas. The newest puts not only the person doing the challenge in danger, like “Tide Pod Challenge”, but also has the potential to put others at risk.

Videos are popping up on YouTube, showing people pulling guns on their friends. It’s called the “No Lackin’ challenge.”  One person videos themselves pulling firearms on unsuspecting victims to see if they pull a firearm in return. The game is meant as a way to test the readiness of people living in dangerous areas. In the challenge, no one is supposed to pull the trigger. The phrase, “No Lackin,” refers to not leaving home without a gun on you.

The challenge went horribly wrong last week when 21-year old Sherman Lackland, accidentally shot his 17-year old friend in the face with his .40-caliber handgun while they were at a restaurant in Memphis. The 17-year old is now fighting for his life and Lackland is facing numerous charges.

Critics of this latest trend are concerned what would happen if law enforcement or a bystander legally carrying a weapon were to witness such an incident.


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