Light Windows 10 Concept Shows What Could Have Been

If a Windows 10 concept could talk, then this new design sure would have much to say. Early on during the development of the new OS, the community started asking for a dark version of the UI.

For example, this and this.

While Microsoft did not exactly deliver on a dark theme for the user interface, nor did it bring back full glassy transparency, the software titan nevertheless blended the two for perhaps the most important areas of the operating system.

The Start Menu and the Taskbar, and all that associated goodness like the Action Center.

That said, if you wanted something more than a black theme and blur effect in Windows 10, which is to say more customization options, then this light version should brighten up your mood. The dark theme indeed looks great, but this white version shows the possibility.

And ties nicely into the rest of the UI elements, the windows, popups and menus.

Take a look:

Concept Windows 10 Light

A recent discussion on Reddit imagines what a light Start Menu version would look like, and while it could do with some refinements here and there, this is a great looking concept — one that also retains the subtle blur effect that Microsoft has introduced in its new operating system.

Hard to believe the software titan would implement such a change in Windows 10, but with the Redstone upgrade on the horizon, one can still hope.


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