How to Maintain a Clean Kitchen While Using an Industrial Mixer

Industrial mixers are very powerful, so they can easily mix ingredients fast and efficiently. Because these units have advanced hardware with boosted power capabilities, they must be used properly in a commercial environment. If everyone handles an industrial mixer with care, accidents won’t happen when ingredients are prepped for meals.

Mix Flour Slowly

A large batch of flour can stain tables, floors, and counters if it’s mixed with an industrial mixer improperly. Typically, since an industrial mixer is more powerful than a traditional mixer, you should always use the lowest setting when mixing flour. As you pour more ingredients into the bowl, monitor the speed of the paddle; if the paddle slows down, speed up the motor gradually by changing the power settings.

Use Proper Paddles for Specific Foods

Paddles for industrial mixers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some options are made for thick, dense ingredients, and others are built for mixing tasks that involve lightweight items. If you use proper mixing paddles, you’ll get better coverage as the blades rotate around the bowl in a consistent manner. Consistency is very important during industrial mixing jobs because it prevents spills.

Keep Mixers Secure on Counter

When a mixer isn’t placed in a secure spot in a kitchen, accidents can happen. In a busy kitchen, the center of a counter is an ideal spot for a mixer. You shouldn’t keep a mixer on the edge of a counter because it could fall on the floor if someone trips over the cord.

These tactics can help you protect your industrial mixing equipment in a kitchen. If you need to protect mixers in storage, you can keep your equipment in optimum condition by securing everything in heavy-duty bins with bubble wrap.

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