Milan fashion week: five memorable looks

Five memorable looks from the Fall-Winter womenswear collections which wrapped up Monday in Milan:

– Karl’s kinky boots –

The most eye-catching element of Karl Lagerfeld’s acclaimed wave-themed collection for Fendi was a series of thigh-high boots in materials so supple they wrinkled like woolly tights. US model and TV star Kendall Jenner sported a ruched leather pair.

– Prada’s keys –

A model presents a creation for fashion house Prada during Milan Fashion Week on February 25, 2016

Many of the models in a collection Prada badly needed to be a big hit were sporting bundles of over-sized gold keys. The unlikely accessories were intended to signal that these were women with responsibilities but mixed reviews suggested they might not unlock a revival in the fortunes of the flagging brand.

– D&G’s fairytale finale –

Dolce and Gabbana applied the princess principle and turned the glitter factor up to 11 for the finale of their fairytale-themed collection, sending out a spangly squadron of models in mini-dresses for what was definitely the sparkliest moment of the week.

– Armani’s return to the dark side –

Black was the dominant non-colour in both the Emporio and Giorgio Armani collections, the latter being largely restricted to one material: velvet. The Milanese maestro, 81 going on 29, said he wanted to “wipe the slate clean” and address the prevailing confusion he spies elsewhere.

Fendi mascots, or Fendirumi, Bug-Kun (L) and Piro-chan (R) pose in the street during Milan Fashion Week on February 25, 2016

– Bag bugs made real –

The most unlikely occupants of the front row were Piro-chan and Bug-kun, life-size versions of Fendi’s bag bugs, as inspired by Japan’s kigurumi, or costume characters. The cuddly pink and blue mascots are here to stay.


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