Is the OnePlus 5 really waterproof? Check out!

Is the OnePlus 5 really waterproof? Check out!

When the OnePlus 5 was announced, there was no mention about its ability to resist water. With the availability of the flagship smartphone, many publications and YouTubers including the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took to the internet claiming that the device will offer some level of water resistance.

Now a YouTube video uploaded by Techno Unboxing has demonstrated the water test of the OnePlus 5. In the video as seen below, you can see him placing the OnePlus 5 in a bowl of water and turning on a timer for 60 seconds. He keeps adding water until the device is submerged. On accessing the touch screen, there is no feedback but the display remains on during the water test.

Once the OnePlus 5 is removed from the water bowl, its touchscreen and Home button work well. There is no damage to the camera as well. This proves that the OnePlus 5 clears the water test successfully. However, there is no official statement to back the fact that the flagship phone is water resistant. Recently, another YouTube channel showed that the OnePlus 5 is a faster performer than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus by conducting a speed test on both these phones by opening several apps on both of them. The video showed that both flagships did offer a stiff competition to each other but the OnePlus 5 was faster with a better hardware.




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