The Power of Using Energy

Ask anyone who works in the field of science, and they’ll tell you about energy. Energy is an invisible entity that literally makes the world run. The fascinating thing about this power is that it manifests itself in so many different ways. There is energy that runs manufacturing systems and energy that runs the power in a home. There is also energy that drives an Olympic athlete to jump higher than the other competitors, and the energy that shines from a great actor when they step onto a Broadway stage. Energy may be invisible, but the field of energy that surrounds a person or a thing is magnetic, and thus it has great power.

Electrical Energy

Though the idea of harnessing a person’s personal rf power dividers can be a rather abstract concept, once electrical power was harnessed the idea of energy became a more material and understandable concept. Thomas Edison is the person who finally was able to capture electrical energy by creating a lightbulb that would work off that power. Once people began using lightbulbs, the world opened up hugely. Suddenly people could stay awake and be productive at all hours, which had been a difficult concept before. Once this happened, the floodgates of invention opened up, as more and more people began to play with the power of electrical energy.

The Energy of Communication

It’s amazing to look back and see how one innovation (the lightbulb) led to another (the phonograph) and then another and another. Today we live in a world filled with flat screen TV sets, personal computers and smart phones, and the world runs as fast as all these devices at their highest speeds. While some people do feel the need to “unplug” and get away from all this communication power once in awhile, most will agree that the power of energy and all it has manifested has helped our culture to a huge degree. And to think that it all started (sort of) with a lightbulb.

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