Prince Harry’s Hot Cousin Louis Spencer Is The Internet’s Latest Crush

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While all eyes were on the bride Meghan Markle, when she walked down the aisle at the royal wedding–we couldn’t help but notice one very handsome guest at St. George’s chapel in Windsor. Meet Prince Harry’s 24-year-old cousin, Louis Spencer!

Louis is the son of Charles Spencer, the late Princess Diana of Wales’ brother. You might recognise his sister Lady Kitty Spencer, a successful model who’s walked for designers such as Dolce & Gabbana.

Louis Spencer
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Louis and his three sisters were raised in South Africa after Diana’s death in 1997. The family relocated to avoid the spotlight reports People. His mother, Victoria, was a model prior to marrying Charles in 1989. Louis Spencer

Although there are virtually no photos of the dashing Louis on the internet, we did find this one from Lady Kitty’s Instagram.

Louis’ father has the title of Earl which Louis will one day inherit, so if you do marry him, you’ll have the title of Countess. Not too shabby, right?

Except you will have to get in line behind Nicki Minaj – the singer called dibs back in 2011 after spotting Louis in the crowd at a meet and greet, a hilarious tidbit that was recently unearthed by Daily Mail. 


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