Samsung can bump the storage of your next phone to 256GB with its latest chips

Samsung has announced that the company has commenced production of the industry’s first 256GB embedded memory module for smartphones. This latest advancement in internal storage is based on Universal Flash Storage 2.0 for next-gen smartphones, just in case 128GB wasn’t enough.

What’s more is the embedded modules can even exceed speeds that of typical SATA-connected SSD inside a desktop PC. Samsung has built the chips on the company’s advanced V-NAND technology with a combined high-performance controller, handling up to 45,000 input and 40,000 output operations per second.

“The new 256GB UFS memory is capable of supporting seamless Ultra HD video playback and multitasking functionality on large-screen mobile devices, such as watching 4K Ultra HD movies on a split screen, while searching image files or downloading video clips. Its 256GB capacity also allows an unmatched amount of data storage on the mobile device itself. For example, one 256GB UFS chip can store about 47 full HD movies, therefore enabling much greater flexibility in handheld consumer electronics.”

It was only last year when Samsung announced availability of 128GB UFS memory, doubling capacity in just one a year. Will you be looking forward to even more storage available inside your next smartphone?


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