Silverstone Announces New Argon Series Coolers

Two new Skylake-ready CPU coolers are about to make their way to market, courtesy of Silverstone Technology. The Argon series AR07 and AR08 aim to deliver quality cooling at an affordable price.

The Argon Series AR07 and AR08 coolers are compatible with AMD sockets AM2, AM3, FM1 and FM2, as well as Intel sockets LGA775, 1156, 1155, 1150, 1151, 1366, 2011 and 2011-V3. This puts them in line with current standards and gives them just the right amount of backward and forward compatibility. Silverstone seems confident that Intel’s Skylake processors will be able to handle these heatsinks under both static and dynamic load.

Silverstone credits the Argon AR07’s and AR08’s competent thermal dissipation to its design details, which on paper offer solid performance while keeping noise to a minimum thanks to the unique layout of the heatsink.


Along with interweaving diamond-edged aluminum fins and a 140 mm (AR07) or 92 mm (AR08) PWM fan to help circulate the air across the CPU and other motherboard components, these Argon-series coolers feature three 8 mm (AR07) or 6 mm (AR08) copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the thermal paste and CPU. These features and Skylake compatibility seem to up the ante on Silverstone’s previously released AR01-AR06 CPU coolers.

The AR07 has a projected retail price of $39, whereas the AR08 comes in at $33. Both are due for release on January 28.


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