Sonic Mania’s Denuvo DRM Cracked Within Days of Launch: Report

Sonic Mania's Denuvo DRM Cracked Within Days of Launch: Report

Denuvo DRM anti-tamper has been known to create problems for pirates, as the protection has secured several games from being cracked or at least delayed the treatment by a significant time. However, the DRM protection for Sonic Mania, which was launched just few days back, has now been reportedly cracked and the game has already been made available on several torrent websites.

The anti-tamper technology used by Sega’s Sonic Mania has been cracked by pirates within eight days of its launch, and the pirated version of the game currently has all the fixes and features that the latest version of the released game offers, as per a report by DSO Gaming. While the new game from Sega has been cracked at a lightning fast speed, previously other games including Rime, Tekken 7, Resident Evil 7, which also featured Denuvo DRM protection were cracked even faster.

Notably, Sega has not yet removed the Denuvo protection from the Steam version of the game. As developers usually remove the DRM after the games get cracked, it will be interesting to see if the company decides to take the same approach. Previously, several cracking groups were frustrated by the Denuvo protection used on some of the latest games but it seems like the floodgates have finally been opened and the pirates have made their way through the technology.

We would still like to urge our readers to purchase the game as developers would otherwise be unable to earn enough and make more games that all of us love to play.




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