Spokane Valley Police warn of new computer scam

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SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Valley Police received a report of a different version of a common computer scam.

On March 8, Crime Check received a report about a new scam. The potential victim received a call from a male saying that she was due a refund for a past computer purchase. The potential victim gave the scammer access to her computer and the name of her bank.

The scammer then said he accidentally deposited $2,500 into her account and convinced the potential victim to purchase gift cards at a local store to reimburse the mistake. When she arrived at the Spokane Valley Target to purchase the gift cards, employees warned her that this was a scam. Police warn people to not ever be intimidated or convinced to provide access to a computer, personal banking information, or to pay anyone or any company with gift or prepaid credit cards.


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