Technology: Friend Or Foe

Turn your smartphone into your well-being coach
Technology today is omnipresent and virtually frames our reality, but we are still struggling to define our relationship with it. While the general perception is that disengaging from technology is the only way to fight off the stress it brings with it, this might not be a feasible solution given the changing landscape of modern-day life.

The best way to have a balanced relationship with technology lies in choosing healthy habits and the agency lies with the individual. Challenging its negative image, recent research has shown the positive impact of technology and its role in supporting our well-being.

Technology in the space of well-being 
Technology is taking concrete strides in the field of mental & emotional well being. Experts are extensively researching & implementing the use of technology to help us manage and track our stress levels & lead more productive lives.

Our mind is naturally programmed to remain active, and it races even when we are resting. Additionally, the environment that we exist in today throws more challenges at people to handle than ever before in history. Whether the causes are sociological, environmental or psychological, does not alter the fact that mental wellbeing in modern times is like walking a very tight rope.

Many inventions, methods and studies get introduced every day and some hold their ground while others don’t prove as effective. The tech advancements and apps mentioned below are worthy of a special mention on the subject.

* Anxiety Tracking Wearables & Apps- Poor understanding of the self and ignoring our mental and emotional wellbeing leads to burn-outs and breakdowns. Often times, people are not able to afford counseling, weave it into their hectic time schedules, or even recognize the urgent need for it. This is where technology can act as a blessing in these modern times of increased mental illness and anxiety disorders. Anxiety management wearables monitor our anxious behavior; send us alerts and self-help solutions. Users can also easily connect with a community, which can provide required additional support.

* Mood Training Apps- These are aimed at developing happier habits in order for the brain to overcome negative thoughts. Psychologist approved games, techniques and gratitude instilling prompts help the user break out of a bad mood, training the mind to deal with negative emotions better.

* Media & Entertainment Content- Some of the apparent and immediate ways technology has helped us relax is of course through the surge in entertainment content easily accessible on our smart phones. But these merely create a temporary distraction and when not used in a controlled way can negatively impact our wellbeing.

* Meditation and Mindfulness Apps- These are by far the most value creating in the holistic healing of the individual. These apps attempt to make the user feel more centered and help’s to calm the mind. Guided meditation programs, simple breathing exercises and actionable insights for living mindfully helps individuals reduce anxiety, sleep better & focus effectively. The lasting benefits of living more mindfully, create an awareness of life’s inherent potential, and develops better life skills.  Just a few minutes every day to practice mindfulness helps cultivate more awareness & conscious living.

Today’s consumer acknowledges the need to de-stress in order to lead a more fulfilling & productive life. Technology enables this process by simplifying the complex wisdom of the ages accumulated from a variety of sources and brings it together conveniently at our fingertips. A deliberate, well informed and conscious shift in the tech choices we make is perhaps the best way to ensure a more sustainable and tangible change in our mental well-being and ultimately can aid us in experiencing true happiness.


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