How Technology Is Innovating Farm Facilities

Most people don’t make obvious connections between technology and nature, but farm owners are embracing the benefits that advanced tools and equipment can add to their field operations. Here are three interesting ways that farms are adapting to modern methods.

1. Animal Care

You know that fitness tracker you’re so attached to? Well, many farmers are affixing similar devices to their horses, in order to help them track the animal’s vitals. This tool provides more accurate data to veterinarians and horse insurance companies. With this information, farmers can better assess their animals’ health and adjust environmental or nutritional conditions as needed.

Some stables even install electric brush systems. These allow for routine grooming throughout the property.

2. GPS Tracking

GPS makes sense with vehicles and cell phones, but farmers benefit from this technology when it’s joined with tractors and other field equipment. Poor weather conditions can make it difficult to navigate in expansive pastures or agricultural land. Having GPS capabilities alleviates this challenge.

Other benefits to GPS include efficiency and production tracking. Crop scouting, field mapping and soil sampling are just some of the procedures that become far more accurate with the use of location-based technology.

3. Irrigation Systems

When it comes to crops, water distribution is key to a successful harvest. Modern irrigation systems use smart technology to ensure appropriate hydration. By evaluating the existing moisture levels in the soil, the system can dispatch the right amount of water at any given time. This prevents crops from becoming either dehydrated or over-hydrated.

This technology also helps to promote water conservation, by working with more efficient methods. In a time where the water supply is crucial, this is a major advantage.

Although farming is focused more on crop yields than computers, the industry still employs current technology to help its operations improve. These advancements make for more profitable farms and stables.

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