The Doom reverse sleeve poll has a winner

More than 62,000 votes were cast, two-thirds of them for the modernized take on the original Doom cover. For the record, I cast my ballot for the other option, the subtler, more sinister “Black Baphomet” image, but even just a few hours after the poll began, the writing was on the wall.

I bear no bitterness over the loss of my chosen champion, but I do maintain a stubborn hopefulness that the chosen reverse sleeve will become the official front cover of theDoom box instead, and that the second-place finisher will be made the reverse—and that the cover as it currently stands is left to fade into memory, lost amidst a hazy blur of hulking dudes with gigantic guns. Not that I expect that to actually happen, but dare to dream, right?

Doom comes out on May 13.


[SOURCE:- pcgamer]

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