The Overwatch release date is now confirmed

Update: It’s official: Activision has confirmed that the team-based FPS Overwatch will be out on May 24. Ahead of the launch, there will be two open beta periods, the first a “two-day head start” from May 3-4 for gamers who have preordered, and the second an all-access period which will run from May 5-9. Details are up at

Original story: If a set of screengrabs are to be believed, May has just become a bit busier with the release of Overwatch.  Redditor Deadpoolthegreat claims to have snapped some ads giving away the big day that appeared briefly on the IGN site. Both mobile and desktop ads suggest that Overwatch will be with us May 24, with early open beta access for pre-orderers beginning May 3.

The ad on the IGN desktop site, via /u/Deadpoolthegreat
The ad on the IGN desktop site, via /u/Deadpoolthegreat

It seems plausible—we already know that Overwatch  is to release in spring. Exercise caution until the dates are confirmed by Blizzard, however. Static ads are too easily faked, and a quick Google search for Tracer (appallingly NSFW) reveals that the asset used in the ad is already out in the wild.

And the mobile ad, via /u/Deadpoolthegreat


[SOURCE:- pcgamer]

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