Warnings Issued For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade update problems

Picked up by the ever-excellent BleepingComputer and Windows Latest, reports are surfacing that KB4517389 (an update Microsoft released to fix printing problems) is itself breaking the Windows 10 Start Menu, Search, Edge browser and VMWare. Sadly, some of these problems are very familiar and users are unsurprisingly angry.

“Installed KB4517389. I get a critical error when using the Start Menu. Uninstalling the update fixes the issue. This is the third different update in a row that breaks the start menu with the same critical error. What is the issue Microsoft?” – source

“This morning I tried KB4517389. Unfortunately, the start menu is broken again. So far only deinstallation of the update helps. Now I have to defer patches for W10 1903 in our patch management for almost a month now, because they cause errors again and again, which strongly limit the use of Windows. If I am by far not the only one with these problems, MS doesn’t even recognize the bugs and does update after update, which only causes more problems. You feel like you’re getting screwed!” – source

“The KB4517389 produced with me the same error in the start menu as the KB4524147. Probably they have just upgraded the version counter during the “quality” update… For all versions, nothing works.” – source (translated)

“now KB4517389 the search box in the taskbar doesn’t work anymore. Tried all possible registry hacks recommended (Cortana, Bing search, etc.). Only after uninstalling these KBs does the search work again. It is desperate.” – source

“I can confirm that. Besides, Edge does not work anymore. It does not start anymore. Internet Explorer starts and runs. I deinstall update KB4517389 everything works as before. Apart from VMware 14, which does not work anymore, too.” – source

“Currently on a scale of 1-10 I am off the scale with how angry I am at Windows right now for their continued total lack of quality control standards of what their software developers produce.” – source

For its part, Microsoft has confirmed it is at least aware of the Start Menu problems and promised an update by the end of the month. But it remains silent on the other issues and, most annoyingly, the company hasn’t updated the KB4517389 page which still states “Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update.” This isn’t the first time and this lackadaisical approach is only going to make things worse.

Looking at the big picture, Microsoft is trying to make fundamental changes to Windows 10 updates but, as the whistleblower below reports, the company is still not getting the basics right.

So you can add these bugs to a list of Windows 10’s broken updates since September which already include boot failures, broken printing, Search and the Start Menu bugs (yes, again), USB and audio problems, screen discolouration, spiked CPU usage and borked Internet connectivity.

Despite this, Microsoft is still pressing on with plans to force users to the latest buggy Windows build. So strap in because I fear this is going to get worse before it gets better.


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