WhatsApp Brings This Cool Feature for Android Users That Changes The Way You Reply

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Whatsapp has recently launched a new Beta version of its app. This makes the latest upgrade to be the 2.18.300 version of Whatsapp. No official word has been given regarding any new features launched alongside. Though it has been revealed that the Swipe to Reply feature is finally making its appearance in Android. Incidentally, this feature has been present on iOS since Whatsapp enabled replies per message. Rumors suggest downloading deleted media and request payment might be part of the new version.

Swipe to Reply on WhatsApp

Whatsapp, last year introduced a new feature. This feature solved the issue of confusion that used to arise while replies were made in a conversation. It was a welcome addition, especially in a group setting, where multiple replies are made simultaneously.

The Android user would simply need to select the message he wants to reply to. Choose ‘reply’ from the options available on the banner on top of the screen. Type the answer he wants and post. Whereas the iOS users got Swipe to Reply. The same feature has now been rolled out to the beta version of Whatsapp for its Android users.

In Swipe to Reply, the user just needs to swipe the message he wants to reply to, from left, and the message will get selected. Then as before type-in the reply and press send to post. iOS users have been using this feature for a year already. It is because iOS is gesture navigation enabled. While it took a year for Whatsapp to bring this feature to Android.

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How to get Swipe to Reply

Currently, only Android beta users have the 2.18.300 version of Whatsapp and hence the new feature. Once the testing period is over only then will the new feature be introduced to the stable version of Whatsapp. Users registered for Whatsapp Beta program can go to Google Play Store and find the latest version to download and install on their devices. They can then begin trying out the new feature.

Unfortunately, the Whatsapp Beta program is full and is accepting no new members. So the Android Whatsapp user can either wait for the new Swipe to Reply feature to be enabled on the stable version or he can head to Apkmirror and download the newest Beta APK after uninstalling the stable version currently installed on your smart device.

WhatsApp to Integrate Ads on the Platform

In additional news, as of right now, Whatsapp is an ad-free social media platform. That is one of the reasons it is a more preferred SNS among the social media users. But the Facebook-owned social media app is about to bring ads into its fold. The introduction of ads onto the platform will likely lose Whatsapp a lot of users because they will obviously raise a lot of privacy concerns.

The ads, if sources are to be believed, will be inserted into the Status tab. So they will only appear if a user is looking at his contact’s status.

Facebook’s plan to monetize Whatsapp through ads based on user’s browsing history and interest is being touted as the reason app’s co-founder has left Facebook. Jan Koum, co-founder of Whatsapp has left Facebook amidst rumors that speculate discontent over Facebook’s plans to use user data.

To go ahead with its plans to monetize Whatsapp, Facebook will have to access user data like GPS location, search history, and interests. To showcase the ads and enable a new monetizing model, Facebook will have to alter the platform’s security feature. Koum left because this invasion of privacy is against the very basis around which Whatsapp was built.


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