Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Supports 16 Apps In Multitasking View

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Multitasking View

The first Windows 10 Mobile Redstone build has made its way out of Redmond walls recently, and it appears that it brings a few more hidden improvements.

In addition to the enhancements the software titan itself revealed.

One such gem is an increase in the number of apps that are supported in the multitasking view. This small but handy change in build 14267 now ups the count to 16 — as opposed to the maximum 8 items that Windows 10 Mobile previously allowed.

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Multitasking View

A subtle and welcome change, but it’s things like these that make one question why Microsoft imposed the smaller limit in the first place.

Users had been complaining about the previously limited number of apps in the multitasking view in Windows 10 Mobile, and many even requested the company to remove the restriction and allow for an infinite number of applications in the app switcher.

Like the way things are on Android.

Sure, only a small number of users run so many apps at once. Even power users make do with just a handful of them open at the same time, but with the ever increasing amount of RAM in mobile devices these days, it is perhaps best to allow for unlimited here.

Or, as many as can be loaded into the device memory at once.

This also helps the kind of users that want to keep thing organized, and they will appreciate this silent improvement in the mobile OS.


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