Windows 10 Piracy Might Be Helping Microsoft

Windows 10 Piracy

Indirectly. Let’s kick off the week with some Windows 10 piracy talk. Microsoft remains committed as ever to prevent unauthorized copies of its operating system from spreading.

But there are suggestions that these installations are, ultimately, helping Windows market share.

A new paper written by Norwegian economics researcher, Arne Rogde Gramstad claims that the Windows platform is actually seeing more adoption thanks to piracy — were it to vanish tomorrow, an overwhelming amount of people would switch to Linux.

The free OS might actually see its usage increase to levels of 50 to 65%.

The research also details how illegal copies of Windows are not only cheap (and well, free, in case of online downloads) and almost perfect substitutes of the original version. Redmond certainly is not as aggressive when it comes to disabling security updates and patches for pirated versions nowadays.

While the company pursued that strategy a few years ago, it had the inverse effect of making this worse for legitimate users of the operating system.

As almost all that were using pirated versions of Windows were left vulnerable to hacks and attacks, which at the end of the day were used to target those with legal versions of the OS.

This is an interesting study that perhaps suggests Microsoft is onto something good by giving away Windows 10 free of charge and making money via their software-as-a-service concept for the new operating system.


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