Windows 10 Training

Windows 10 Training

Windows 10 is coming and as usual, there will be a big need for Windows 10 training materials and Windows 10 training companies.

We’re going to use this page as a resource page to recommend premium training resources for Windows 10.

Bookmark this page for the future because we plan to list different types of training resources here and the amount will change with some frequency.

Obviously we have to start by recommending this site.


FREE Windows 10 Video Training

newBased on the overwhelming demand for our paid training products, we wanted to open up our training vaults and offer some FREE Windows 10 Training videos.

We are offering 45 Windows 10 introductory videos to you guys for free and so far, the demand has been overwhelming. We have had several thousand students sign up in the first week and this is proving that there will be some demand for this Operating System.

Click here to sign up for FREE Windows 10 Video Training


We added Windows 10 Video Training to the site!

newNow this is kick ass news! While we have a whole lot of Windows 10 Training options on this site, we know that some people learn better by watching online videos.

We took the site to the next level and created a section on the website dedicated to Windows 10 Training videos. We have created the most comprehensive set of Windows 10 instructional training videos on the web.

Click here to check it out


Setting up Windows 10 for a small business – Udemy

We just released our newest class on Udemy called “Setting up Windows 10 for a small business”. Once again the class is taught by our resident video expert Lane Fries.

While there are a lot of resources and websites dedicated to helping consumers understand the basics of Windows 10, there isn’t too much out there targeted at helping business owners understand the consequences of installing this software. That’s where this course comes in.

If you are planning to roll this Operating System out to your business, this course is the one for you. We answer some of the basic questions about the business value of Windows 10 and what it takes to implement Windows 10 in a small business environment.

Click here to check it out


Introduction to Windows 10 – Udemy

For those who are new to Windows 10, we have a class on called “Introduction to Windows 10”. The class is taught by our resident video expert Lane Fries and it walks the reader through Microsoft’s newest Operating System.

Click here to check it out

We have plans for more Udemy Windows 10 classes very soon.

Click here to learn more


Introduction to Windows 10 – StackSocial

If you’re a StackSocial fn, you can also subscribe to our “Introduction to Windows 10” class there. Once again, the class is taught by our resident video expert Lane Fries and it walks the reader through Microsoft’s newest Operating System.

Click here to check it out


In June of 2015, we spread the Windows 10 word in 5 US cities

newReally exciting news! In June of 2015, and SMB Nation teamed up to hold EXCLUSIVE Windows 10 training events in five cities across the country!

Sponsored By Microsoft and held at Microsoft locations, seating was limited to 50 attendees per city.

Click here to learn more


More about our Windows 10 Training

We have the most comprehensive list of Windows 10 Tutorials on the web and we also perform Windows 10 Consulting so you probably want to start there if you’re also looking for Windows 10 training.

In addition, if you’re looking for Windows 10 Webinars, you might want to go to ourWindows 10 Webinars page as well.

We will be offering Windows 10 Training in the following areas:

  • Windows 10 for Desktop: Training for using the new interface on traditional desktop PC’s.
  • Windows 10 for Mobile: Using Windows 10 on your tablets and 2-in-1 devices.
  • Windows 10 for Phones: Using Windows 10 on Microsoft compatible mobile phones.
  • Introduction to Windows 10 Server: An overview of Microsoft’s newest Server Operating System.
  • Windows 10 Server Advanced: A more detailed view of Microsoft’s Server OS.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure: An overview of Microsoft’s newest cloud infrastructure service.
  • Microsoft Azure Advanced: A more detailed view of Microsoft’s cloud Infrastructure Service.
  • Installing Windows 10: We’ll go over some methods of implementing and installing Windows 10 on multiple devices.
  • Windows 10 Security: We will be talking about securing Windows software and hardware using some of the cutting edge technology Microsoft is making available.
  • Developing Apps for Windows 10: This will be our Visual Studio 2015 training class.
  • Windows 10 and Universal Apps: Advanced Windows 10 application development training.
  • The Spartan Browser: A look at Microsoft’s newest browser.
  • Developing for Cortana: How developers can hook into Microsoft’s virtual assistant.
  • Developing Business Applications for Windows 10: A guide to some of the implications of developing corporate applications for Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 and the Internet of Things: Our Windows 10 for IOT class.
  • Windows 10 for the Internet of Things (Advanced): A more detailed look at the Microsoft specific components for the Internet of Things and how you can start developing for those components.
  • Intro to the Surface Hub: What the new device and devices can add to your company.
  • Introduction to Windows Holographic: An overview of the Microsoft specific components involved in creating custom holographs.
  • Intro to HoloStudio: A class on developing Windows Holographic apps for the Hololens.
  • Windows 10 Xbox integration: A look at how both systems will be integrated.
  • Microsoft Office 2016: Training on Microsoft’s newest productivity Suite.

We will begin offering these classes at the end of the summer or the beginning of the fall.

The training will be a mixture of in person (class) training and where available, Web Based Training (WBT).

If you would like to be contacted when classes are open, sign up below using our contact form.

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